The Perfect Tee For Your Little Einsteins

My oldest son is a little genius. You can literally see the wheels cranking in his head when he looks at anything. He is constantly trying to learn new things, discover how things work, and analyze anything until it’s mentally taken apart and put together. Yessir, Mr. R is a little Einstein and he needed a shirt made to match.

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The Perfect Tee for your Little Einstein: Bowmont Tee by Sewing Blue

One of Mr. R’s fascinations is with circuits. Santa gave him a circuit maze board game a couple years ago, and he played with it for hours every day. This last Christmas Mr. R received a more advanced circuit game, Snap Circuits. This one has occupied him daily since Christmas! Needless to say, when I saw this circuit board jersey knit from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, it only took seconds to put it in my shopping cart! I’m super bummed though – when I went to look for this fabric on their website, it doesn’t exist anymore. They do custom prints though so I’m sure if you wanted this for the boys in your life you’d be able to have it printed for you!

The Perfect Tee for your Little Einstein: Bowmont Tee by Sewing Blue

I paired the circuit board with some striped fabric I had on hand to make the Bowmont Tee by GYCT Designs. I am proud to be an influencer for GYCT Designs, so you better bet there will be more of their patterns showing up here! I love, love, love this pattern. The directions are simple and the pattern pieces are easy to put together. The fit is perfect, too. I sewed a size 6 for my 6-year-old. The only modification I made was increasing the hood to a size 8 because my son’s head is massive. Both my husband and I have huge heads, so our kids have no chance for normalcy. I probably could have gotten away with the standard sized hood, but now Mr. R can hide his entire face in his hood, so he’s happy.

The Perfect Tee for your Little Einstein: Bowmont Tee by Sewing Blue

I wanted to mention, if you’re intimidated by sewing knits, Chelsea with GYCT also offers a free course called Knit Sew Scary which will help you become a pro at sewing knits. So kiss your intimidation good-bye and say hello to awesome home-made tees for your boys!

The Perfect Tee for your Little Einstein: Bowmont Tee by Sewing Blue

I absolutely love this look for my son. It may be my favorite clothing item I’ve ever made for him (with the exception of costumes. I can’t get enough of those). The combination between the circuit board, the stripes, and the overall pattern itself is just perfection. So go and get a copy of the Bowmont Tee pattern and make one for your little Einstein!

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The perfect hooded tshirt for boys, with stripes and a circut print. This is a breeze to sew up as well!