Sewing Blue

Pinterest is so wonderful and full of great crafts, foods, decorating ideas, nick nacks and more  I can get lost in the beauty of everything and start pinning things I don’t even need, like… wait, is that another cute frilly toddler dress I just pinned? But I don’t even have any girls! What about me? A mom of 2 boys+one on the way? Can’t I find awesome boy tutorials too?

If you’re like me, you drool and awe over these beauties that are so prevalent over the Internet, but then realize you have no reason to make them except for that next baby girl shower you are going to. I hope to change this reality. There are some awesome things we can make for boys: baby blankets, mini suits, awesome customized robot backpacks, bow ties, adorable jackets, etc. I hope for Sewing Blue to be a oasis from all the pink out there and for you to find your happy place at your sewing machine, especially if you find yourself will all boys, like me. 🙂


SunniThe brains behind Sewing Blue, Sunni loves family, sewing, and food. She is the wife of Nathan, and mother of two little crazy boys, plus one on the way. Hailing from Utah (though temporarily placed in Alabama), she finds joy in sewing everything for her family: clothing, costumes (her personal favorite! She wishes Halloween were every month of the year), decor, and if she can’t sew it, she’ll find some way other to make it from scratch.

In addition to spending time with family and sewing, Sunni is a web developer, cook, pianist, violinist, reader, and overall-crafter. She is an active LDS member, loves meeting new people and finding new ways to be creative. Get to know her and learn how to make something by reading this blog!

Contact her at sunni (at)